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How to make a sunflower November 16, 2008

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This is something you can make with an egg sheet. (see “how to  make an egg sheet”) It’s cute and very easy too!

[How to make a sunflower]
– egg sheet (see “how to make an egg sheet”
– mini-sausage

1. Cut a mini-sausage in half. Make incisions vertically and horizontally on the cut surface.

2. Put the sausage in boiling water. Now you can make petals while you’re cooking sausage.

3. Fold an egg sheet and cut both sides off.

4. Make incisions on the folded side.

5. When the sausage is done. Take it out, and dry it with a paper towel.

6. Put the cooked sausage on the end of the egg sheet, and roll it.

7. Cut the egg sheet, and pin it with uncooked pasta. (if you aren’t heating it up in a microwave when you eat bento, and are worried about eating uncooked pasta, you can fry the pasta beforehand.)

You can make a flower with long pedal or short pedal, depending on where you pin the egg sheet.

You can, of course, put anything you want for the center of the flower. (asparagus, baby carrot, baby corn, etc…) or you don’t even have to put anything if you don’t feel like it! Also the egg sheet is strong enough that you can use cookie cutters to cut out any shapes you want. (You can also use ham instead of the egg sheet to make a flower.) Below are some examples of different kinds of flowers you can make with the egg sheet.

You can make a single-layered flower with left over egg sheet.

If you don't have anything for the center, you can just roll it up...

a flower without the center part

...and make a flower without the center part!

You can make so many things with egg sheet!

You can make so many things with the egg sheet!

Have fun bento-ing!

You can also check out more “how to” on my blog and my flickr page.


1. chinnee - February 17, 2009

this is really useful, thanks for your tips!

2. kelliegirl3 - March 20, 2009

This is awesome!! I have spent alot of time on your blog and LOVE it!!! You are a genius with bentos!! I was wondering if I could feature the wall-e and the farm one on my kid food site, Little Nummies?? I always get permission before I feature anything. Please let me know!!


~ Kellie ~

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