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bento#5 Nekobus November 18, 2008

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When I was cooking croquettes before, I thought the color was perfect for Nekobus (a.k.a Catbus) from “My Neighbor Totoro”. I thought, “I’ll just shape mashed potato like Nekobus and fry it like croquette!!”

Bento #5: Nekobus (My Neighbor Totoro)
Created and eaten on: 9/29/2008

Dont get on this Nekobus!

Don't get on this Nekobus!

I made mashed potato the night before, shaped it like Nekobus’ face and body, put them in the fridge. (*the inside croquette has to be cooled off. Otherwise it’ll explode in the oil.)
Next morning, I made mini-Totoro and Makkurokurosuke first.
And then I carefully dip Nekobus’ face into flour, then in egg batter, then roll in panko breadcrumbs (Japanese breadcrumbs).
Then I slooowly put it into the heated oil.

Immediately after that, Nekobus’ face broke into half in the oil.
I made it too thin… T_T
It was too late to recover, so I fried it anyway and took it out.


I was optimistic and still thinking “I can hide the crack with the stripes he has on his face!”
And I moved onto Nekobus’ body.
I was a bit worried that the same thing would happen, so I was very very careful, and put flour, beaten egg, and then panko, and again, slooowly put into the oil.

To my relief, it didn’t break, but this time, panko started to come off in the oil.
I was too careful and didn’t put enough egg on it… T_T
Again, it was too late to recover, so I fried it anyway and took it out.


I stared at Nekobus’ head (in two pieces), and the spotty body.
I had to finish it. (no, I didn’t mean “kill it”)

I tried to hide the crack with sauce, which kinda bled everywhere.
I was in a hurry to finish it, so I cut out cheese for its eyes, mouth, and windows (on the body) without looking at any reference pictures.
Bad idea.
The finished Nekobus looked like more like Cheshire Cat with some kind of skin condition.

Everyone’s comment about this bento was very sweet and encouraging, but I wouldn’t want to ride on this Nekobus…
Someday I will make Nekobus again! Oh yes, I will!

– mashed potato croquette for its body and head
– cheese and seaweed for the eyes and mouth
– cheese for the windows
– seaweed for the whiskers

Makkurokurosuke (soot mite):
– rice wrapped in seaweed for its body
– seaweed on fishcake (kamaboko) for its eyes

– quail egg
– black sesameseeds for its eyes

Other food:
– lettuce, cherry tomato

For more pictures of my bento, visit “Bento!” set and “Bento details!” set on my flickr page.


1. Mickey C - March 28, 2009

just wanted 2 tekk u gj not getting too discouraged in the beginning. this ones stilll good and because u didn’t quit your later ones are fan-friggin tastic! beautiful work

2. suzuakami - June 29, 2009


3. Gaby! - August 18, 2009

“The finished Nekobus looked like more like Cheshire Cat with some kind of skin condition.” LOL! hahahahahahaha!

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