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non-bento#1 Laputa toast November 27, 2008

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This isn’t a bento, but since it’s anime-inspired food, I’ll post it along with my usual bento blog anyway.
If you’re a fan of Laputa: Castle in the Sky by Studio Ghibli, you’re probably drooling now.

Non-bento character food#1: Laputa toast
Created and eaten on: 10/5/2008

There are always delicious looking food in Miyazaki films, but the toast Pazu and Sheeta eat is probably one of the tastiest looking toast you’ll ever see in anime.

When Pazu and Sheeta go down in the mine, Pazu takes two thick slices of bread and a sunnyside egg out from his bag. (Yes, he has cooked sunnyside egg in his bag!) And then he puts half of the egg on a slice of bread and gives it to Sheeta, and he puts the other half on the other slice of bread for himself.
That’s it. It’s just bread and egg. Maybe it’s how they eat it, I don’t know, but it looks soooo yummy.

To make perfect Laputa bread, I even bought a loaf of bread from a Japanese supermarket.
I love Japanese bread, because it’s super soft and spongy! Even if you cut it in 1-inch thick, when you toast it, the outside is crisp but the inside stays soft and moist.
As you can see in the picture, I put egg on top of ham. That’s because originally I thought Pazu used bacon, but I didn’t have bacon, so I used ham. Then later it turned out that it was just egg and bread. I regretted that I didn’t check Laputa DVD beforehand…

There is actually an entry about “Laputa toast” (or Laputa bread) in Japanese wiki. And some cafes in Akihabara (Anime mecca in Japan) even have “Laputa toast” on menu.
Apparently, a lot of Laputa fans dream of eating “Laputa bread”, and try making it. But plain egg on toast doesn’t taste that good as they look in the film, and they usually get pretty disappointed when they eat it…
So if you ever decide to make Laputa bread, I recommend you put salt and pepper, a bit of ketchup or soy sauce or mayonnaise on it.

Laputa bread:
– Bread (from Japanese super market)
– sunnyside egg on ham with salt & pepper


1. Perrins - January 25, 2009


reminds me of egs in a basket w/o the basket 😛

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