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bento#12 Spirited Away December 2, 2008

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My boyfriend has “Ootori-sama” (Duck God?) plush keychain from Spirited Away on his bag, so I always wanted to make a bento with Ootori-sama. I looked around in my boyfriend’s room, trying to find anything that would go with Ootori-sama, and I noticed that hippo looking thing (Bou-nezumi) and the black bird (Hae-dori) from Spirited Away on his desk… that was enough for me to try making Spirited Away bento.

Bento #12: Spirited Away
Created and eaten: 10/13/2008

I started doing a sketch right away.
Ootori-sama, Bou-nezumi (hippo looking thing), Hae-dori (the black bird) and I had meatball from the night before, and “meatball = Makkurokurosuke.”
But soon I realized that there was not green in the bento, so I was looking at other characters from the film, and found a great green-food character… Kashira!
Kashira is “a trio of green, disembodied, boss-eyed heads living in Yubaba’s office that move around by bouncing and rolling.” (from Wikipedia)

To make a yellow boiled egg, I put curry powder in hot water and put a boiled egg in it. (You can also use turmeric instead of curry powder) While the egg was being dyed, I made a small rice ball, wrapped it with seaweed, put a carrot beak and made Hae-dori. And then I cut out ham to make Bou-nezumi. But single layer of ham was too thin and weak, so I put the cut out ham on cheese, cut around it, and placed it on rice.

And I made three small balls with potato salad, and wrapped each of them with microwaved a lettuce leaf to make Kashira.
I used kamaboko (fish cake) and seaweed for the eyes for all characters as usual.
I did I spent a bit more time on Kashira’s eyebrows, mustache and mouth but it was worth it.

When I look at it now, I notice that there are too many round things around Hae-dori and Bou-nezumi, and I wish I could’ve filled spaces better. But I’m pretty happy with how each character came out.
Especially Kashira! Maybe I can make a bento, featuring just Kashira in the future… 😛

Hae-dori (black bird):
– rice ball wrapped in seaweed
– carrot for its beak, kamaboko and seaweed for its eyes

Bou-nezumi (hippo looking thing):
– ham and cheese on rice
– carrot for its hands and feet, kamaboko and seaweed for its eyes

Ootori-sama (duck god):
– egg dyed with curry powder
– carrot for its beak, amaboko and seaweed for its eyes, parsley on his head

Kashira (green three heads):
– potato salad wrapped in lettuce
– kamaboko and seaweed for its eyes, mouth, eyebrows, mustache

– meatball, kamaboko and seaweed for its eyes

Other food:
– renkon
– lettuce

For more pictures of my bento, visit “Bento!” set and “Bento details!” set on my flickr page.


1. ilovepearly - December 4, 2008

I love that anime!
Cute bento!

2. Annie - December 8, 2008

fyi, the hippo looking thing is a mouse/rat (yubaba’s sister turned the baby into a mouse). if you haven’t watched spirited away, you should… i thought it was awesome.

very cute bento… love the simplicity of your duck god. ^-^

3. Francisco - December 11, 2008

I love this bento it’s soo cool !!

4. fremenalex - January 5, 2009

It looks so pretty I couldn’t ever eat it, but at the same time it looks very yummy. Gonna try and make it one of these days to see how it tastes. Thanks for the recipes! Mind if I add you to my blog roll?

5. holleh - March 20, 2009

i love spirited away
this is way to good
i wouldnt have the pacience
your amazing ^^

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