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How to make Yoshi December 7, 2008

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Today’s how-to might seem advanced, but it’s really not!
When I made my Super Smash Bros Brawl bento (which I haven’t done a blog about yet… but it’s coming up next!), I got so much exposure on the internet. Many game related websites posted the picture of my bento. I was really surprised, but I noticed that many people who really liked my bento were moms! Their kids, just like my boyfriend, love Yoshi, and they wished they could make Yoshi for their kids. So I decided to do how to make Yoshi, because making someone smile is what bento making is about. 🙂

[How to make Yoshi]
– potato salad or mashed potato
– lettuce
– cheese
– carrot (preferably baby carrot)
– blueberry

1. Print out or draw Yoshi picture in the size you want to make Yoshi. (This is optional, but it definitely helps. If you don’t have a printer or you can’t draw, just put a white piece of paper on the monitor screen and trace it! I do this all the time)

Yoshi looks something like this...

2. Make potato salad or mashed potato, and cool it down if it’s hot.

I usually put potato, boiled egg and mayonnaise in my potato salad, but you can put anything you want.

3. Microwave a lettuce leaf. Dry it very well with paper towel.

4. Put plastic wrap on top of the drawing. Make a small ball out of #2 for Yoshi’s nose part, and place it on the drawing and adjust the size. I used plastic wrap to make the ball. (It’s easier to shape it that way)

5. Wrap #4 with microwaved lettuce (#3).

6. Make a small ball out of #2 for Yoshi’s eye and cheek part, and place it on the drawing and adjust the size.

7. Wrap #5 with microwaved lettuce (#3).

8. Put #5 and #7 on top of the drawing.

9. Place a slice of cheese on Yoshi’s face, and cut cheese around it. (Don’t worry too much about the shape of cheese. Most of it will be under other piece of cheese)

10. Cut out cheese for Yoshi’s eyes and cheek. I used a cookie cutter and a bottle cap, but you can just cut out cheese freehand. If you’re worried about the size, you can place them on the drawing and and trim it.

11. Place cheese on Yoshi’s face. (The cheese around the mouth will be underneath his nose)

12. Slice a carrot, and make his red thing on the back of his head. (scales? plates?)

13. Slice a blueberry for his eyes. (I usually use seaweed for all black parts, but I’m sure not everyone can get seaweed at a local supermarket, so I’m using blueberry this time.) And also cut a bit of blueberry to make his nostrils.

14. Slice a carrot and make his mouth. I didn’t really use any cutter for the mouth. I just sliced baby carrot, and placed it looking at the drawing.

Well, okay, he ended up looking kind of like Mr. Sparkle... T_T But if you're making this for a Yoshi fan, they'll get it... I hope.

Shaping potato salad wrapped in lettuce is surprisingly easy to do. If the lettuce leaf rips, don’t panic, just pinch the ripped lettuce together gently. Or you can just put a piece of lettuce over it.

Yoshi and Super Mario mushrooms

Yoshi and Super Mario mushrooms

Lettuce turns brown-ish after a while, so I don’t recommend making this the night before. But you can make so many different things with this lettuce/potato salad technique. Treat potato salad like clay, and be creative!

You can see the pictures of “How to make Yoshi” on my flickr page.


1. Ashley - December 8, 2008

OMG – something to put me in food AND video game heaven at the same time! awesome work! 🙂

2. Krishna - December 8, 2008

That is incredible. You are a genius!

3. Sita - December 8, 2008

Wow.. you’re awesome! this is great… I hope you don’t mind I put a link here on my blog 🙂

4. DirtyD0ggy - December 9, 2008

wowie! I wish I had a girlfriend like you

5. boiledbeans - December 9, 2008

Incredible! I admire the patience you possess!
Very nice!

6. Ric - December 9, 2008

You are very talented! Although I might not be tempted to eat them, they sure are very nice to look at. Absolutely wonderful!

7. Paul - December 9, 2008

COOOOOOOOOOOL! Oishii soooo nee!!

8. Heather - December 9, 2008

Found you on Flickr. Love the Miazaki stuff, but the SMB stuff is killer, too.

You are amazing, and I’m adding you to my sidebar.

9. kiatortilla - December 9, 2008

Oh my gosh!!! My son is in LOVE with anything Super Mario Bros related. I am so going to try this:) Thank you!

10. Aiyoku - December 9, 2008

I’m so happy to find a blog like this! I have been making bentos only for a few months now, and mine are not very creative. These provide PERFECT step-by-step instructions on how to make these neat creations. I hope you continue doing this ^_^

11. dinosaurcookies - December 10, 2008

hot dog mushrooms! ahhh!

12. PenangTuaPui - December 11, 2008

great effort and creative…

so happy to see this…………

13. Carol Dannhauser - December 12, 2008

Hi there, ATR,
Thank you for this really cool idea, and for spelling it out so easily, and for adding the pictures, and for putting new meaning into playing with your food!! We loved your Yoshi so much we’re featuring him on our site, http://www.CookinTeens.com. Yum, yum.

14. Daughter of Food - December 16, 2008

Your Love for Bento and Video Games makes me very happy!

15. bry - January 5, 2009

i wasjust wondering if you knew of anything i could use instead of cheese? im vegan

16. Gaby! - August 18, 2009


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