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bento#15-R SSBB Pikachu & Mr. Game & Watch December 11, 2008

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Bento #15-R: SSBB
Created and eaten on: 10/23/2008

Second round, Pikachu and Mr. Game & Watch (For Yoshi and Kirby, check out this page)

On the right side, I put the meat brick blocks at the bottom just like the left side, and added broccoli and lettuce.
For Pikachu, I made an egg sheet (see “how to make an egg sheet”), made two balls with potato salad and wrapped each of them with the egg sheet, one for his head and one for his body. It was pretty easy up to this point, but I had no idea how I was going to make the front leg and ears on the near side of Pikachu higher.
At first, I was going to ignored the perspective and placed the cut out egg sheet, but it just didn’t look right. So I decided to cut a piece of kamaboko (fish cake) to put underneath of the egg sheet. (Not super stable, but it kinda worked.) After making sure Pikachu looked okay, I took his ears, tails and legs off, and placed them onto cheese and cut around it. An egg sheet is pretty thin, so I usually put cheese underneath an egg sheet for reinforcement. Then I cut seaweed for eyes, mouth, the tip of his ears, his tail, for his back, and I cut tiny circles out of the pink part of kamaboko for his cheeks.

Originally, I was planning on putting two meat brick blocks above Pikachu, but I didn’t want to make the area too crowded because I was going to put Mr. Game & Watch there. So I ended up just putting one block, and put a Super Mushroom on top. (see “how to make mario mushrooms”)
I picked Mr. Game & Watch for the fourth character, because I wanted one of them to be defeated/blown away like they do in the game, and the fourth character had to be pretty small and still identifiable. Also, I knew this bento was going to be a LOT of work, so I wanted to pick something very easy to make. I knew that I probably ran out of time to make Mr. Game & Watch if I tried to do it in the last minute, so I cut him out of seaweed the night before using an exacto knife, placed him between papers, and put it in a ziplock bag. (Moisture is an enemy to seaweed!)
After placing Mr. Game & Watch on the bento, I put a couple Mario Stars and voila!

Mr. Game & Watch is out of here!

Mr. Game & Watch is out of here!

Unfortunately, seaweed Mr. Game & Watch had curled up because of the moisture in the rice by the time my boyfriend took the picture of it. T_T I should’ve put the seaweed on cheese…
Other thing I really truly regret is not putting twinkle in Pikachu’s eyes. (tiny white circles on his eyes) It could’ve been done in 1 minute, but I was in hurry and didn’t think it wouldn’t really matter.
I mean, look at him! He looks like he has lost his soul. It could be because Yoshi’s tongue was coming right at him, but I when I looked at the pictures, I realized that tiny white spots would’ve probably made him look more Pikachu-like. Such a small yet crucial detail…

Pikachu is about to get attacked by Yoshis tongue, yet hes got a strange smile on his face... probably because he has no soul.

Pikachu is about to get attacked by Yoshi's tongue, yet he's got a strange smile on his face... probably because he has lost his soul.

I also wanted to make the brick that Super Mushroom is on into a Question Block, but that would’ve required a bit more time, so it’s okay.

Overall, I liked how the characters came out, but I felt that I could’ve done something to the background.
But making a two-box bento was very fun. (I didn’t have to worry about food not fitting in it. :P)
Oh, I totally forgot to mention, but this was actually the first time I ate my own kyaraben! I ate the Pikachu side, and while it was a bit weird eating my own creation, Pikachu and everything else were definitely tastier than a normal looking bento. =D

– potato salad wrapped with egg sheet
– egg sheet on cheese for his ears, leggs and tail
– seaweed for his eyes, stripes, and the pink part of kamaboko for his cheek
– kamaboko underneath his leggs

Mr. Game & Watch:
– seaweed

Super Mushroom:
– quail egg and cherry tomato on top
– cheese for its spots
– seaweed for its eyes

Mario Star:
-egg layered on cheese with seaweed

– meat squares

Other food:
– rice
– broccoli
– lettuce

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. NAOmni - December 12, 2008

Hey there! You’ve been getting quite a lot of press lately, but I just wanted to mention that I love your stuff and gave you a write up as well…notanotheromnivore.blogspot.com.

Let me know if you need something changed, otherwise, great work!

2. x-gamer - February 1, 2009

Hi nice website! I really enjoyed reading here.. thanks a lot!!!

3. holleh - March 20, 2009

omg wow
i love yoshi ^^
these are way to cool
they look amazing
your v v v v v talented
(not as good as Ryuk^^)
but still
i love them

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