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bento#16 Sleeping Totoro December 13, 2008

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After my Katamari bento and Super Smash Bros. Brawl bento, some video game sites put the pictures of my bento on their sites.
Even though I’m making bento for my boyfriend, any compliments are always encouraging. 🙂
So, I gathered my courage to revisit “bento#1: Totoro made out of rice”, which was my very first and the most embarrassing kyaraben I’ve ever made.
It wouldn’t be interesting if I just made Totoro standing like the first bento, so I tried to come up with a similar composition, and I remembered the scene where Mei meets Totoro for the first time.
Mei chases the mini-Totoro into Totoro’s Forest, climbs a big tree, and falls into the hole on the tree. She lands on a big fluffy rock. The rock moves and reveals its face.

Mei: Who are you? Makkurokurosuke?
Totoro: To-Ro-Ro…
Mei: Totoro… Your name is Totoro, right?
And Totoro opens his big mouth to yawn.
When he yawns, you can see his teeth, tongue, throat and everything! This is one of my favorite scenes from Totoro.

Bento #16: Sleeping Totoro
Created and eaten on: 10/24/2008

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