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bento#19 Professor Layton December 20, 2008

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My boyfriend loves puzzle games. Simple one like Tetris, Picross, Meteos, Sudoku, etc… So there’s no surprise that he likes Professor Layton. I, on the other hand, am not that good at puzzle games. So I found out about Professor Layton (before the U.S. release) I just checked out the official Japanese site, and that was it. Even after it came out in the U.S., I wasn’t really going to buy it, because I’d rather play a puzzle game in Japanese than in English. But one day, my boyfriend lent me Professor Layton and I was hooked.

Bento#19: Professor Layton
Created and eaten on: 11/03/2008

This reminds me of a puzzle...

"This reminds me of a puzzle..."

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