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How to make a Wall-E sandwich December 21, 2008

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EDIT: Before you read the How to make a Wall-E sandwich…
I’ve discovered that some people posted the entire page of How to make a Wall-E sandwich on their website/blog.
I’m glad that they felt the urge to spread the joy of Wall-E sandwich to others, and I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm, but I spend a long time making & writing this how-to’s with my boyfriend. I don’t have problem anyone blogging about my bento using the pictures, but when you do, please make sure you properly credit it with a link to my site.
I don’t like asking people to remove posts from their blog and I do not want to stop doing this either… Thank you.- Anna

After my Wall-E bento hit the internet, things got a little crazy. Now Wall-E’s view count on my boyfriend’s flickr is more than 85400! Seems like a lot of them have never seen kyaraben before, and I was happy that they got to know about it.
Every time someone leaves a comment like “I want to make this for my kids/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend!”, it makes me glad that I made it. At the same time it makes me want to teach them how, because I think making your loved one happy is what kyaraben is about.
I’ve been wanting to do “how to make Wall-E bento”, but my original Wall-E bento had a lot of Asian ingredients, and I wasn’t sure if everyone could get all those ingredients. (such as seaweed, kamaboko, and konnyaku) So I decided to make Wall-E with a sandwich!
This one is super simple and easy. I’m sure you can add tons of details to it and make it more Wall-E like. But as long as he has the box body, treads and the sad eyes, he’ll be Wall-E enough! (Hopefully…)

[How to make a Wall-E sandwich]
– Four slices of whole wheat bread
– Turkey & mayonnaise (or ham, or peanut butter, whatever you want!)
– American cheese singles
– Blueberry

How to dye eggs naturally December 21, 2008

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I wrote in the Professor Layton bento post that the color blue is kind of a taboo color in the kyaraben world. In Japan, kyaraben are mostly for kids, and many moms try their best not to use food coloring in bento.
Any processed food contains food coloring, and I don’t freak out about it. I wanted to use minimal food coloring in my bento, so I looked for ways to dye food naturally.

[How to dye an egg naturally]

– curry powder or turmeric

– purple cabbage
– vinegar

[Light blue]
– purple cabbage

“How to” continues with more pictures!

How to dye rice naturally December 21, 2008

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Well it’s not really “dyeing” rice, more like how to change the color of rice for your bento.
I use these methods a lot to make Totoro, or backgrounds with rice. It’s not much, but since rice is white, changing the color of rice can make a quite difference in your bento.

[How to dye rice gray-ish] (used in “Sleeping Totoro”, etc…)
– rice
– black sesame seed (with a sesame seed grinder or mortar and pestle)
– salt

“How to” continues with more pictures!