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bento#22 Farm bento right side December 27, 2008

Posted by AnnaTheRed in bento blog - original.
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Whenever I make bento for my boyfriend, he’d show it to his friends at work and upload the pictures of bento on his flickr account and show it to other friends. One day, a friend of my boyfriend told him about a lunch box contest. I wasn’t that interested in the prizes, since they were a heavy duty lunch box and a rice cooker (I only use the same take-out plastic container, and I’m happy with my rice cooker), but I thought it’d be a nice challenge to make an original kyaraben.

Bento#22 : Farm bento Right Side
Created and eaten on: 11/09/2008

Since this bento spanned two bento boxes, I’ll do two posts about this bento. And today’s post is about the right side of the bento.

more tasty pictures in here!