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How to make an egg chicken January 4, 2009

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Today’s how-to is something very basic you can make with a boiled egg.
It’s so easy that I don’t even know if I need to do a how-to on this, but this definitely is the simplest & easiest way to turn an ordinary egg into a cute chicken in under 3 minutes!

I made this for my very first kyaraben-ish bento, and Farm bento. But I made it even simpler so that you only need three ingredients.

[How to make a chicken with a boiled egg] (used in “Farm bento” )
– hard-boiled egg
– carrot
– seaweed (or black sesame seeds)
— hole punch

1. Slice a carrot and cut it into shapes like the picture.

These will be chicken's crown and beak (It's hard to see, but the crown's top has three V-shape incisions)

2. Make a small incision on top of the egg and front.

3. Insert the carrot on the top for its crown and in the front for its beak.

4. Using a hole punch, cut two circles out of seaweed, and put them on the egg.

This chicken is so ready to jump into your bento!

Sorry today’s how-to is not much of how-to, but I’m in the midst of apartment hunting, so my weekend is (and will be) pretty hectic! My ideal apartment? MORE COUNTER SPACE in the kitchen! 🙂

You can see more pictures of “How to make an egg chicken” on my flickr page.
And if you have any questions about any of my how-to’s, please feel free to leave a comment or email me!


1. Claudia - January 5, 2009

How cute is that? Great idea! Not only children would love this in their bento box 🙂

2. cindy lowe - January 6, 2009

that’s not bad at all!! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

3. mobius - January 6, 2009

I found this from another blog that talks about bentos. Very neat cooking mama 🙂

4. Adriel - January 7, 2009

*———————*~ Wah! … nice!!!

5. Natasha - January 10, 2009

this is soooo cute! love it !!!

6. yelea - January 18, 2009

I would like to say about you and show your cute idea in my video show for children in Russian language
Please, look for heytam at youtube!

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