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bento#24 Raving Rabbids January 6, 2009

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If you own an Wii, you probably have at least one “Rayman: Raving Rabbids” game. For those who don’t own an Wii… “Rayman: Raving Rabbids” contains tons of multi-player party games, and they are disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Playing any games from Rabbids makes me feel like I’m a kid again. I’m not going to do a review on the game, but it contains plungers, burping, spitting, smacking, washing underwear, dropping things on people, etc… Good clean (some times not so clean) fun!


Bento#24: Raving Rabbids
Created and eaten on: 11/17/2008

So yeah, I’m a huge fan of rabbids (not so much of Rayman :P). I always wanted to make a rabbid bento. But there are so many different kinds of rabbids that I didn’t know which one to make… Then I thought “maybe I’ll just make bunch of rabbids!” but I knew that it’d be hard to keep them in the same shape and size. I started thinking of what I could use to make a lot of things in the same shape… a cookie cutter!

First I drew the outline of a rabbid on a piece of thick/hard paper, and I cut the shape out. I bought the biggest round cookie cutter I could find in the nearby food supply store. Then I cut it so it wasn’t a loop anymore.

Using a pair of pliers and a chopstick (a square one), I just started bending it using the cut out rabbid (the outside one) as a guide. I’d bend a little, and put it inside the rabbid shaped hole of the paper, adjust it, and repeat! I didn’t have needle nose pliers or anything, so I used the chopstick’s body to bend the part between the ears, and the tip of the chopstick to make a small curve like the hands of the rabbid.

Actually, I really didn’t think this would work at all (as usual), since I didn’t even have the right tools. But after 2 hours of bending and adjusting, I had a rabbid shaped cookie cutter!

One round cookie cutter wasn’t enough, so I had to add another one. I tried to solder the two pieces together, but I didn’t have a clamp so it didn’t go very well… I managed to solder them together, but I noticed that food got stuck between the two metal sheets and it was hard to get it out. (After this bento I took them apart, cleaned them, soldered them back together. Every time I used it I put scotch tape on the soldered part, and took it off when I washed it.)

Anyway, after I made the rabbid cookie cutter, I decided which food I’d use. Rice, potato, ham, egg, Japanese style hamburg, vegetables and cheese.
First I sliced potato, cut it out with the cookie cutter, and fried it. Then using the cutter I cut out: cheese, ham with potato salad, rice mixed with black sesame seed (see “how to dye rice naturally”), and plain rice. Then I used the paper I used to make the cookie cutter to cut out seaweed into the shape of a rabbid and put it on the plain rice rabbid.

When I put the cookie cutter on a heated pan and cracked an egg in it, some egg started to leak out! My cookie cutter wasn’t perfectly even. T_T Still though, when I finished cooking it looked pretty neat, and I liked it! Actually it was so much fun that I tried it again. 😛 This time, an egg broke! But the egg made an really interesting pattern, so I decided to use that one.

This is the first attempt. Isn't it hilarious?

This is the second attempt.

And hamburg… Oh my god. This took FOREVER. I had to cut out ground meat with the cookie cutter, and I had to keep it on while cooking the meat otherwise the meat would expand and lose its shape. (and of course, I had to cook both sides.)

All that work, and you can't even see the hamburg...

I wanted to make more rice rabbids, but each rabbid was pretty thick, so I realized that I couldn’t do three layers. So I put rice on the bento box, and put seaweed (with a rabbid shape cut out) on it. Then I placed other rabbids on top of each other to balance out the color. I thought of putting faces on each rabbid, but decided to leave them faceless, because I though that the each ingredient was unique itself.

Even though this was probably the most abstract kyaraben I’ve made so far, I really like this one. You have to be a rabbid fan to recognize what this is. 😀 The only thing I regret was that I couldn’t put any vegetables in this bento. I felt horrible… I don’t like making kyaraben just for the look. I tried lettuce but it was too thin. I probably could’ve used a green pepper if I had it. *sigh*

But because of kyaraben, I learned that making a customized cookie cutter isn’t that hard. So that’s all good.

– rice and seaweed
– rice mixed with black sesame seed (see “how to dye rice naturally”)
– potato
– potato salad, cheese and ham
– hamburg

Other food:
– rice and seaweed

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. Jeff - January 7, 2009

wow! these look great, the only thing it’s missing are some toilet plungers, you could probably use red pepper and some other vegetable

2. Lyvvie - January 7, 2009

I want to see the cookie cutter you made! It’s amazing!

3. nicolas - January 7, 2009

Really excellent !! The eggs ones are cute n_n

Have you played on the latest Raving Rabbids game, “TV Party” ? Lots of crazy and stupid games again, compatible with the Balance board, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !

4. Wendy Leow - January 7, 2009

Yes I want to see the cookie cutter too!!!.. can’t believe you actually made one yourself. I had just assumed you bought a cookie cutter.. \

5. Monica - January 7, 2009

Yes, I agree. I want to see the cutter too! Your rabbid bento is too cute! I want to play the game now. I finally gave in to my brother and played Portal, too. He’s been asking for ages, but until I read your review & saw the bento…
As my *other* hobby is cakes & cookies – I make my own cookie cutters frequently. IF you ever want to make one again. You can get some aluminum flashing pretty cheap, and this is the ideal stuff to make one with. There are some how-to threads about it on cakecentral.com. I don’t believe you have to join to read the threads, just to see pics.

6. Mezzo - January 7, 2009

Nice they look very tempting and specially the 2nd EGG attempt

7. nicolas - January 8, 2009

I found a cool post on diy cookie cutters on instructables ! http://www.instructables.com/id/make-your-own-cookie-cutters/

8. Komik Review - January 8, 2009

looks yummy, too beautiful to be eaten. Let me have the first attempt.

9. sp - January 10, 2009

General question not totally related to this. Do you ever feel kind of guilty eating this food? I mean they look so amazing! I would never eat this stuff but maybe that’s because I’m not very good at art. I’d just look at it forever :0

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