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Food blog, no wait, flood blog February 1, 2009

Posted by AnnaTheRed in Everything else.

In a couple of weeks or so, I’m finally moving in with my boyfriend. We found a place, signed the lease, and we started packing. I spend most of the time at his place now (to make bento!) so I’m rarely at my place.

Today, I went back to my place with my boyfriend to pack some stuff up, only to find out that my room had been half-flooded. I share a gigantic loft with three other roommates, but only my room was flooded, so none of my roommates noticed that the water was coming down from upstairs.

I had a loft bed in my room and the ceiling above it had been leaking for at least a couple of days. I went to the apartment above me, and asked the tenant if they had a leak or something, but he said he had no idea… So I went back to my room and started cleaning up.

About 5 minutes later, the tenant upstairs came to knock on the door, and told me that he just discovered that the pipe in the boiler right above my room had a huge crack and seemed like it had been leaking. He turned off the boiler, and the ceiling stopped leaking. He also said that he had a problem with the boiler, so he had someone come in to fix it recently.

I wasn’t planning on taking the mattress anyway, but it was still a mess. The mattress was soaked, and dripping water underneath. Even though the water wasn’t dripping on my furniture, my unfurnished furniture wasn’t very happy with the moisture around it…

The super came to see the damage upstairs and my room, but he told us that since it’s Sunday, we’d have to wait until tomorrow. (I was actually surprised that anyone actually came with today was super bowl night and all)

I can’t tell how much damage is done, but I got some clothes wet and one of my favorite plush I brought from Japan was sitting directory underneath the one of the leak, so I took them to my boyfriend’s place and washed them. Seems like Anna (a plush of an yellow dog from Czechoslovakia, which came with a name tag ) has a permanent stain on her butt… T_T

Long story short. No how-to tonight. My boyfriend and I spent almost all day today to clean up and pack some stuff, and I just didn’t have the time to do proper how-to tonight.

I’m trying to be optimistic about this. “It could’ve been a lot worse” is my thought. Moving itself is stressful, so I try not to add more stress. I did freak out for about 5 minutes (in a non-family friendly way :P), but I found a power strip that was soaked in water and melted under the loft bed. I was soooo glad that it didn’t start fire or anything. Like I mentioned, the mattress was ruined, but I wasn’t planning on taking it anyway. Also I was forced to pack some stuff today because of this, and since I was naturally lazy, I felt like I accomplished something today.

Oh well.
I’m sure this happened for a reason… right? 🙂

AnnaTheYellow after being washed and dried. She seems refreshed and optimisitc (just like her owner) about the whole thing.

AnnaTheYellow after being washed and dried. She seems refreshed and optimisitc (just like her owner:P) about the whole thing.

EDIT: AnnaTheYellow is from Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia as someone pointed out. Oops! ;P If the wiki is correct, Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, so I must’ve gotten her in 1993 because it was roughly a year before I came to the U.S. in 1994. How time flies,,,


1. Lyvvie - February 2, 2009

Hope everything works out ok. Shame about the flood. I hope you’ll be reimbursed for your damages. Come back when you’re ready. Happy moving Day!

2. Addis - February 2, 2009

I haven’t experienced a flood, but my house was broken into last year. When I got home, my indoor cat was meowing frantically outside of the house. I was so startled to find him outside, my immediate concern was his well-being. I hadn’t noticed the open door. Once inside, my heart sank upon seeing the complete mess the thieves left: every door / lid was opened and all contents were on the floor. No pillow was left unchecked. They ran out with some electronics and my peace of mind. But, after the initial shock, I, too, was able to say “it could’ve been worse”. At least they didn’t vandalize my home and break statues or tear down the artwork on the walls.

Congrats on the new home and a fresh start !

3. yuanhao - February 2, 2009

My house usually gets flooded with tsunami-like rains but only once or twice it has done permanent damage.

Anyway, hope everything goes fine and I’m sorry to hear about the flooding. Cheer up!

4. Alex - February 2, 2009

I’m sorry to hear about the flood. It’s always unfortunate when things get ruined, but everybody is okay, and nothing too disastrous happened. For the dog-butt, may I suggest some yellow paint? 🙂

Congratulations from me as well on the new home! Best of luck to you both.

5. Stefanie - February 2, 2009

Glad AnnaTheYellow was saved, but how can she be from Czechoslovakia? That country ceased to exist close to 20 years ago. (There’s the Czech Republic now and Slovakia, but no Czechoslovakia.)

6. pirikara - February 3, 2009
7. veganf - February 3, 2009

Ugh, flooding is sooo depressing. We’ve had a busted water heat and a water main pipe break and so much stuff was ruined. I hope most of your things survived okay!!

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