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non-bento#10 Battlestar Galactica themed dinner part 2 March 21, 2009

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EDIT: Looking for BSG bento? See “bento#34: Battlestar Galactica bento!

My boyfriend and I made this BSG themed dinner before we watched the episode tonight.

Dradis contact!

Multiple DRADIS contacts!

non-bento #9: Battlestar Galactica themed dinner part 2
Created and eaten on: 3/21/2009

Yes, watched it a day after it originally aired, but I didn’t mention on my blog because I was afraid that some mean BSG hater would spoil it for me. 😛 We wanted tonight to be so very special, we prepared a special dinner together. What is it?

It’s a DRADIS!

DRADIS “Direction, RAnge, and DIStance” is Battlestar Galactica’s version of a remote sensing system akin to SONAR or RADAR. (wiki)

I initially thought of making cookies of Vipers and Raiders and put them on black paper to make DRADIS cookies, but then I remembered during our Christmas party at work last year (or 2 years ago?), we had some catered food. We saved big black plastic plates that the food came with and I thought it’d be perfect for the background of the DRADIS. (it had flower patterns on it, but it’s close enough)  I realized that little circular symbols for Vipers and Raiders look like sushi rolls. We also got fresh salmon and tuna sushi bricks from a Japanese supermarket so we could make other gauge thingy for the left and right bottom part of DRADIS.

We didn’t have enough “sushi rice powder”, so we had to make it with rice vinegar, sugar and a little bit of salt. We mixed the vinegar with rice and made rolls with avocado, fake crab meat, and scallions. Then we cut seaweed into circles, and cut out small circles from snow pea using a plastic cap for the Vipers, and cut cheese for Cylon Raiders.

Good hunting!

We sliced the salmon and tuna sushi bricks and made sushi.

After all the sushi was done, I used Japanese mayonnaise to draw lines on the black plastic plate. (Japanese mayonnaise comes in a tube, so you can use it like icing.) Then I cut a small pieces of cheese and put around DRADIS. Finally we placed the  sushi, Viper rolls, and Raider rolls onto the plate.

Let's get the frak out of here!

We were watching BSG as we were eating it. We were so serious and into it, and didn’t talk at all during the episode, but we did laugh when they showed DRADIS, because it looked very similar to ours. (surrounded and doomed)

I don’t remember how much rice we used for the rolls, but we used 3 cups of rice just for sushi, and we CLEANED the plate. We were really surprised that we finished it all. Mayonnaise was just for decoration, but mayo on rolls tasted pretty good. 😀

I had my boyfriend help me make this, so this was the first kyara-food stuff my boyfriend made! It was fun, and since he loves BSG, he knew exactly what I wanted to do. 🙂

Anyway, BSG is over. There’s a spin-off series, but no more Galactica. =< Perhaps it was a good thing, it was time to move on, I don’t know… but only thing I can say for sure is…

So say we all!

– salmon
– tuna
– rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt)

Viper rolls:
– rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt) on seaweed, and avocado, fake crab meat, and scallion inside
– snow peas on seaweed

Cylon Raider rolls:
– rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt) on seaweed, and avocado, fake crab meat, and scallion inside
– cheese on seaweed

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. nicky - March 23, 2009

you are amazing!!! I love your dishes and I am trying my best to follow the instructions 😉

2. Laura Bento - March 23, 2009

you’ve never had kewpie mayo and sushi?!?! they serve it in sushi restaurants all the time. my favorite is spicy mayo sauce! sriracha+mayo=yummmmmm

3. Angel - March 24, 2009

This is awesome! I love themed parties. Your sushi looks super tasty, i wonder if i can find some sushi blocks to make some here.

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