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which dough is for you? March 24, 2009

Posted by AnnaTheRed in Everything else.

First time I made Moogle and Mario Boo Ghost steamed pork buns, I used two different kinds of Japanese flour. Kyourikiko (hard flour) and Hakurikiko (soft flour). Thing is, I don’t think it’s something that everyone can get, so my boyfriend and I tried making buns with two different kinds of dough. One with cake flour and baking powder, and the other one with all-purpose flour and yeast.

Before I post “How to make Kodama, Moogle, and Mario Boo Ghost steamed pork buns”, I want to mention differences in two doughs.
Which dough is for you? It’s up to you. Both recipes have pros and cons.

[Cake flour and baking powder]
pros: takes about 30 minutes, no need to wait for yeast to rise
cons: if you use water instead of milk, the bun is a bit dry inside
Note: Because it has bread-like texture, it’s probably more suited for sweeter pastry buns, like sweet red bean buns.

[All-purpose flour and yeast]

pros: bun is soft and moist inside, fine texture
cons: takes about 2 hours or longer

Here’s a picture of two doughs.

Top: cake flour and baking powder. Bottom: all-purpose flour and yeast

The bun on the top was made with cake flour and baking powder, closed at the bottom.
The bun on the bottom was made with all-purpose flour and yeast, closed at the top.

You can see the edge of the bun on the top has a similar texture as cake, and the bottom bun has fine texture.

I’ll make one post for each how-to so it’ll be easier to search in the index page!


1. Angel - March 26, 2009

In honesty from the picture both buns look delicious. I’m excited to try one of the recipes. Probably will go with all purpose flour since it’s what i have on hand already.

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