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non-bento#11 M-O and EVE March 28, 2009

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My boyfriend goes to kung-fu class on Saturday. He used to get a Vietnamese sandwich after his class and eat it at home. But after we moved in, he’d just come home straight and eat whatever we have at home to save money.

Today, he came home from kung-fu, and started organizing around the house, and cleaning the windows. We’ve been working pretty hard to settle down since we moved in, and he’s been definitely doing more work than I have. 😛 So I decided to treat him with in-house snack bento!

non-bento #11: M-O and EVE
Created and eaten on: 3/28/2009

When we went to see the movie, Wall-E, I noticed he almost squealed when M-O showed up. (Yes, he loves cute things, and he’s proud of it!) He even has M-O wallpaper on his computer. I always wanted to make M-O for him, but since I couldn’t make him for the Wall-E bento, I didn’t know what to do about M-O. Then, when I was making the Totoro peanut butter sandwich, I thought maybe a sandwich would be good for M-O.

There aren’t many details I have to explain for this. I used three slices of bread and peanut butter to make the head and body of M-O (I think his head was about 2 1/2 inch long, 2 inch high). I cut a little piece out of the top layer of bread and put the crust of bread for his eye part.

I used a small circular cookie cutter to cut a piece of bread left over after making M-O’s body and head, and cut the left and right side of the circle to make his arm. Then I just put a little bit of peanut butter on the arm, and stuck them on the sides.

Then I cut the crust for his cleaning roll. I used the part that had lines so it’d have a different texture than the crust I used for his eye part. I cut a cheese single for his eyes. You can put a half of cherry tomato on his head to put him in “Foreign Contaminant” mode.


I knew this wouldn’t hold his appetite until the dinner, so I decided to add a boiled egg. I was going to make EVE like the one I made in the Wall-E bento, but that would require me to dying kamaboko (fish cake) for her eyes. Besides, it’d be kind of boring to make the same EVE, so I decided to make even simpler “EVE in hibernation mode (?).”


After I boiled and peeled an egg, I cut seaweed for EVE’s eye part and put it on the egg. I took a small piece of lettuce and cut out a small circle using a plastic cap. Then I cut cheese with a straw, and cut the piece in half for the right and left side leaf of the “plant” symbol. Then I cut another piece of cheese with a straw and trimmed it for the middle part of the symbol. (I put a piece of bread underneath EVE to stabilize her for the photo shoot.)

This is not as complicated as Wall-E, but also the color is not accurate as Wall-E, so I’m not sure if kids will recognize it as M-O if you make it for them. If you want M-O to look more accurate, you can fry egg whites and cut it for the top layer of M-O’s head and body, and use seaweed for his eye part. You can also use cheese singles as his head and body. Not exactly as white as egg white, but it’s shinier than bread. I made this as a quick snack, but I’m still going to make a M-O kyaraben someday. 🙂

– 3 slices of white bread (three layers of bread made the perfect depth)
– peanut butter
– cheese

– egg
– seaweed
– lettuce
– cheese

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. Ognito - April 3, 2009

Lol. Loved your photos and the concept. You are a food artist!

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