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blog update April 12, 2009

Posted by AnnaTheRed in Everything else.
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Blog update has begun!

I’ve added “your bento” page and “press” page on my blog.

On “your bento” page, I’ll post the images of bento or links to the site of those who’s made delicious food using my how-to’s. I’ve never thought that I’d have to make a page like this when I started doing this blog. Even though I often boast how lazy I am, I just cannot be happier that I have to make this page. There aren’t many listed on this page yet, because I’m asking those who made the food for permission. The links will be added as soon as I have their permission

On the “press” page, I’ll be posting links to the articles about my bento and scanned images of printed articles. (Personal blogs will not be listed) Just like Index page, it’s basically for my own record

I’ll be adding more images/links regularly. If you’ve made something looking at my how-to’s, please let me know at


Thank you!