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Anime Central 2 – I got E. coli! May 12, 2009

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No, I didn’t get sick. I got a plush of E. coli from Moyashimon!

Moyashimon plush!

Moyashimon plush! I got E. coli and A. oryzae 😀

I was going to do blog post about Anime Central Saturday and Sunday, but I totally passed out Saturday night watching the Christie’s Star Trek auction special on TV. Maybe it was Leonard Nimoy’s voice or maybe I was exhausted from standing on my feet for 8 hours, talking to customers and selling DVDs, we didn’t attend any events at all during the convention. The bed at the hotel was so soft I couldn’t resist. It was actually too soft for me, but I felt like my exhausted body was sucked into the mattress.

It’s kind of fun to stay at a nice hotel once in a while, I especially like soaking in the hot tub, using the sauna, swimming in the pool at hotel… but work is work. Like I mentioned, the work hours at a convention is usually 10 am (sometimes earlier) to 6 pm (sometimes later). So you can’t go to any events during that time. The only times we can take a look at other vendors are usually before the exhibitor hall is open, and when we go to the bathroom. But I managed to find and buy Moyashimon plushes! I got “A. oryzae” and “E. coli” They are so adorable. It’s actually a pouch, and you can put stuff in there, but it’s a little too big to carry around… They also had “S. sake” and “L. yogurt” plush, but maybe I’ll pick them up next time.

Sunday, we worked from 10 to 4, packed it up, flew back and got home around midnight. I unpacked, played with my cat for a while and crawled into the bed.

Even thought you feel fine while working, once you go back to the hotel room and take your shoes off and lie down, you just don’t want to do anything. I still like selling my company’s DVDs though. It’s fun to talk to customers about anime.
We were fairly busy, so I didn’t really have time to walk around and take pictures of cosplayers at this convention. The location of our booth was pretty bad too, so there wasn’t that much traffic by our booth.

Anyway, I’ll just post some pictures of food we ate, and cosplayers. Sorry it’s nothing really that interesting. I really wish I had taken more pictures…

Adorable Links at Anime Central 2009

5/8/2009, Links from the Legend of Zelda. They were together every time I saw them, and it was adorable.

Why did I eat this?

5/8/2009, We had Giordano's pizza for lunch, Their world famous stuffed pizza was indeed stuffed. It was very heavy too.

Shiek at Anime Central, 5/8/2009

5/8/2009, Shiek from the Legend of Zelda, She was doing this poise for every picture. Talk about professionalism!

Fran from Final Fantasy XII at Anime Central 2009

5/8/2009, Fran from Final Fantasy XII, Her costume was amazing! (and she was sexy!)

Midori-chan and Seiji-kun from Midori Days at Anime Central 2009

5/8/2009, Midori-chan and Seiji-kun, He had the perfect hair, real Japanese school uniform, and the official Midori doll!

Our dinner at the hotel

5/8/2009, Our dinner at the hotel

Breakfast at the hotel, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, Breakfast at the hotel

Complementary from the chef, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, Complementary from the chef

My breakfast, open omelette with avocado, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, My breakfast, open omelette with avocado

My boyfriends breakfast, salmon omelette, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, My boyfriend's breakfast, salmon omelette, They made a pretty rose with salmon!

Registration line at Anime Central 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, Registration line at Anime Central

My dinner, beer sauasge and mashed potato, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, My dinner, beer sauasge and mashed potato

My boyfriends dinner, 5/9/2009

5/9/2009, My boyfriend's dinner

my breakfast, 5/10/2009

5/10/2009, My breakfast

my boyfriends breakfast, waffle with strawberries, 5/10/2009

5/10/2009, My boyfriend's breakfast

By the way, I’m not a Star Trek fan but I did used to watch Star Trek: the Next Generation in Japan when I was little. (My other favorite American shows were Charlie’s Angels, Knight Rider, and CHiPs, and they were all dubbed in Japanese!)

Now that I’m all rested, I can’t wait to get back to bento-ing again. 🙂


1. StarsOfCASSiOPEiA - May 13, 2009

Hahaha- you had me worried about the E. coli for a minute there! XD

It sounds like you had a ton of fun, and you got some awesome pictures too. ^^

2. Sile - May 13, 2009

I once gave a friend AIDS. LOL I wonder if they still make that one.

3. Jesselyn - May 13, 2009

Ahhhhhh I can’t believe you went to ACen, had I known I would have made sure to find you and say hi! I got the exact same plush as you, too! What booth did you work at?

4. Trish - May 15, 2009

Love all the pictures and look at all that yummy food. Cute plushies 🙂 glad you had fun.

5. Sarah - May 19, 2009

Argh, I wish I had known you were going to be at Anime Central! I was working for ACen Press as well as a local access TV show, and I would’ve LOVED to get an interview with you about your amazing bento! We’re starting a food segment soon, and yours would have been a prized interview…

…oh well, there’s always next year, right? 😀

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