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wedding and sweets in boston June 27, 2009

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Weekend in Boston – part 1

My boyfriend and I are in Boston right now. We came up here for his cousin’s wedding. The wedding was very lovely. It was at a botanical garden, and we were surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers and plants. I’ll post what I got to eat at the wedding. The hors d’oeuvres were very delicious!

As I wrote this post, I remembered why I thought I wouldn’t be a good food blogger. I can’t remember the name of foods I eat. And usually all I can say about food is “yummy”,  “meh” or “yuck.” So please don’t think of this post as a “food blog.” It’s more like a food album for good food I ate. 😛

Artichoke parmesan dip

Mushroom stuffed with some kind of cheese

Chicken, apricot and something on puffy pastry

Chicken inside

They forgot to put my last name on my name card. I felt like a first-name-only celebrity.

The following morning, we went to a bakery to get breakfast. But we ended up coming home with cupcakes and a cinnamon roll.
We just couldn’t resist.  We  bought Boston cream pie (in the shape of cupcake!), a cream cheese brownie (in the shape of cupcake!), and a cinnamon bun. When we were at the store, everything looked so good that I asked them if I could take pictures of them. A girl who works there was a bit surprised by my request, and said “Um, okay… They look good enough to take pictures, I guess…?” It’s a small town bakery, so she must have thought that I was a weirdo. They seem pretty famous in the area though.

Boston cream pie Its Boston cream cupcake! Genious!

"Boston cream pie" It's Boston cream cupcake! Genius!

I don't know how we managed to pick just three from this deliciousness.

"Pecan sticky buns" This is what 6 pieces of pecan sticky buns look like when it's freshly out from the oven!

"Brioche cinnamon bun" Look at the frosting!

Bread & Chocolate
(Their website has recipes with video!)
108 Madison Avenue , Newtonville, MA, 02460


1. Angel - June 28, 2009

Wow those pecan sticky buns look so good! Definitely some fun foods, thanks for taking pictures for all of us to see.

2. Korp - June 28, 2009

This makes me feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs when the bell rings…

One question from a non-american: What is Boston cream -pie?? I have never heard of it before! (the other things are sort of self-explanatory) 🙂

3. Korp - June 28, 2009

nevermind, I googled it! sounds tasty enough 🙂

4. Eat. Travel. Eat! - June 29, 2009

All the food looks great. Did you get to try some of their seafood yet in Boston, or any italian places? I went last year and many people say cannolis are very popular. 🙂

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