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the weather is wonderful in boston June 28, 2009

Posted by AnnaTheRed in Everything else.

Weekend in Boston – part 2

When we went to a local supermarket by my boyfriend’s sister’s house, we saw this.

Actually, the real Japanese eggplant is even wider than this, but it was still pretty funny.

My boyfriend is a Taiwanese-American, so when his family gets together, a huuuuge lunch at a Chinese restaurant is inevitable. So without further ado, I give you delicious yummies from Joyful Garden!

Vegetarian duck

Vegetarian duck

Jellyfish and duck feet Mmmmmm. It's all about the texture.

Peking duck in a very compromised position

Peking duck

Peking duck

Seafood soup

Buddha's delight

Fried tofu with minced shrimp

Pork lomein

Pork lo mein

Sauteed water spinach

Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce

Flounder with sauce

Flounder's eye... Yum

Fried crab

My boyfriend's fortune. Well, it wasn't exactly a fortune, but the weather was indeed wonderful that day.


1. A Good Fedora - June 29, 2009

Wow, that all looks so good! It’s a shame the town I live in doesn’t have a decent Chinese restaurant. Buddha’s delight looks especially tasty. Oh well, I guess one can make up for it with home made tortillas, but they just aren’t the same, you know?

2. Zhela - June 29, 2009

Ohh, that all looks delicious. It makes me think of restaurants in China. I’m surprised this is actually in the States! Most Americans I know would absolutely not be keen on trying such a dish as jellyfish and duck feet (though I would try it in a heartbeat) ….

3. vashti - June 29, 2009

YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!!! Apart from the eye!

4. caeria - June 29, 2009

Okay, having never seen duck feet on a menu (obviously I’m going to the wrong Chinese restaurants), I have to ask . . . what do duck feet taste like? Texture?

AnnaTheRed - July 8, 2009

Hy caeria,
Sorry for a late reply! About the texture on duck feet… I’ve been discussing about this with my boyfriend, but it’s very hard to describe it without sounding too weird. If you have had Jellyfish, it’s very similar. I guess it’s also kind of like chicken gizzards? It’s jelly and chewy and crunchy all at the same time. It’s definitely not for someone who can’t eat an animal that still looks like an animal. I’ve had duck feet a couple of times, but I remember it was a different sauce every time. Duck feet don’t have that much taste, and it’s more like the combination of the sauce and the texture of duck feet makes the dish. yum. 🙂

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