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stuffed stuff: mini-moose from invader zim July 9, 2009

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Unfortunately for bento lovers, no bento blog today either. But fortunately for ZIM fans, it’s another Invader ZIM related stuffed stuff blog.
This is something I made a looooong time ago. Actually I think it’s older than Piggy.

stuffed stuff: Mini-Moose
Created and stuffed: August 2004-ish

There are a couple of different types of Moose in Invader ZIM. This is a Mini-Moose which GIR (a dog suit wearing robot) has in some episodes.

I’ve made a Mini-Moose bento before which had two different kinds of Mini-Moose.

As you can see, this one was very easy. Two pieces for the body, two pieces for the hands and leg, two pieces for the antlers.

Say Moosey fate!

GIR: "Say moosey fate!"

This one in the picture is probably from the very first batch of Mini-Moose I made. I had given away all my Mini-Moose to my friends, but fortunately, my co-worker had it on his desk at work, so I borrowed it from him.

ZIM: "But I chose this particular worm hole especially for the occasion..."

"You see, at the end of this wormhole lies..."

"A ROOM with a MOOSE!!"

AAAAHHHH-- Wait a minute!

DIB: "AAAAHHHH--? Wait a minute!"

My first batch of Mini-Moose was actually a bit bigger than the ones I gave to the cast members of Invader ZIM on the end of interviews on DVD. I had found a bunch of toys that squeak at a 99 cents store, took out the squeaky things, and put it inside Mini-Moose. Unfortunately, this Mini-Moose doesn’t squeak when squeezed. You can see the cast members squeezing it to make it squeak in their interview as well. (I’ll post some pictures from the interview later.)

The office move totally messed up my bento schedule, but I’ll be packing bento next week!

I didn’t post all the pictures of Mini-Moose on here, so if you want to see more pictures of him, please check them out on my flickr page.

Mini-Moose set on my flickr

Collections of my stuffed stuff on my flickr


1. Ari - July 11, 2009

Very cute!

2. Victoria - July 11, 2009

Looking at your mini moose made my day, the corresponding bento is adorable too!

3. Lynnz - July 28, 2009

You should make a tutorial on how to make minimoose and piggy. Why don’t you make some and sell them? I would buy, lol.

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