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Otakon! part 2 July 19, 2009

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When we work at the convention, none of us really gets a break, but we take turns to see and shop at other booths. I was going to check out the concession stand and walked by this cute booth. It was called Happy Japan. First I saw bento boxes, then I saw bento gadgets on the wall!! I immediately went in there and grabbed a bunch of stuff.

Various cutters for kyaraben!

Various cutters for kyaraben!

I soooo wanted these!! I often use a part of a cookie cutter to cut food, but usually they are little too big for the characters in bento box. I also use plastic bottle caps as a cutter for my bento, but they’re caps, so they are all circles. I’ve been wanting these since I saw it on a Japanese kyaraben site, but I’d never though I’d find it at Otakon. Hooray for bento trends! They were all $18. The retail in Japan is 1260 yen (about $13.50), so I think it’s very reasonably priced. When I was paying for these stuff, one of the employees said “Aww, your bento is gonna be sooo cute!”

The great thing about this cutters is that each one comes with a little booklet explaining how to use it. (all in color and pictures!)

How-to kyaraben booklet

How-to kyaraben booklet

Tons of pictures with detailed instructions.

Tons of pictures with detailed instructions.

I don’t usually buy rice molds since most rice molds are way too small for my boyfriend, and I can mold rice into any shape I want with plastic wrap. But I just couldn’t resist this one… It’s a Doraemon rice mold!

Doraemon rice mold

Doraemon rice mold

Completed with cutters for his whiskers, nose, eyes, and even the bell! Honestly, I don’t think it’ll work like it says in the packaging. (Or maybe it’ll work, who knows.) but I’m probably going to end up using it to make jello or something.

Check out Happy Japan for bento, Anime, and Studio Ghibli products!

*When I checked their site 2 days ago, they still had the food/quail egg cutters that I bought, but I don’t see them now… If you really want them, you might want to contact them.

And here is something else that made me super happy.

Tachikoma Collection!! Only $20!

Tachikoma Collection Only $20!!

10 pieces of Tachikoma! Theyre all mine. :)

They're all mine. 🙂


1. luby - July 21, 2009

voglio quei stampini!!! ^_^
le mie uova sono così tristi senza orecchie, naso e bocca!

2. waxpeach - July 21, 2009

i’m jealous !!! 🙂

3. mell26 - July 21, 2009

just found your web yesterday and i have read all of the entries!!! love them all!!!!!

4. Monica - July 22, 2009

As Happy Japan didn’t have any online I went searching. I found: bentocrazy.ecrater.com has the cutter on the left with the three flower shape handles. It also carries one that large punch that does multiple faces. (Chu Boos Multi Use Nori Punch)

5. StarsOfCASSiOPEiA - July 23, 2009

Funny you’re talking about Otakon- I was there!

Did you see a girl dressed like a jester (red vest, puffy white sleeves, jewel on chest, shiny boots?) with a big horned purple hat? That was me! (I spent AGES in the Dealer’s Room with my Death Note cosplaying friends, so we may have seen you.)

I bought some bento stuff too. ^^

6. bleys - August 23, 2009

I want those tachikomas!!

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