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non-bento #17: Moogle and Boo Ghost onigiri July 21, 2009

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We just got back from Otakon! Which means that we have no food in the fridge yet… So I decided to make onigiri (rice balls) for breakfast again.

When I was looking into the fridge, I saw the pickled daikon (Asian radish) that I had made.  (see “how to make sweet and sour pickled radish”) The daikon was pinkish because it had been soaked in radish, and I started thinking what I could make with pink (pickled daikon), white (rice) and black (seaweed). I looked my flickr “bento sets”, and found the perfect characters.

Non-bento #17: Moogle and Boo Ghost onigiri
Created and eaten on : 7/21/2009

If you follow my blog, this might seem familiar to you. I’ve made the same characters with pork buns before.

The blog post of the pictures above doesn’t have a detailed how-to, but check outhow to make kodama, moogle and boo ghost pork buns” for the recipe.

I made three small rice balls and put microwaved tarako (cod roe) inside. Then I cut the pickled daikon with a cutter for Moogle’s nose and the antenna things for two of them. For the eyes, mouth and whiskers I cut seaweed with a cutter.

I shaped the third rice ball like a Boo Ghost, and for the eyes I sliced and cut kamaboko (fish cake). For the eyes and eyebrows I put cut out seaweed. I was late for work, so I didn’t really have the time to see how Boo Ghost really looked, and it shows. T_T

He looks so not like a Boo Ghost.

He looks so not like a Boo Ghost.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but he looked so very different. I realized it later that it was his height and eyes. His eyes didn’t have the white part, and it’s just black.  So embarrassed with this one. That’s what you get for being extra lazy…

– rice with tarako inside
– seaweed
– pickled radish

Mario Boo Ghost:
– rice with tarako inside
– seaweed
– kamaboko

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. luby - July 22, 2009

che carini ^_^

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