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how to make sheep rice ball August 13, 2009

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My day job, an online card game Alteil did a HUGE system update for the game about a week ago. So I’ve been online, writing emails, checking for bugs, chatting with the Japanese developers (Alteil is originally a Japanese game, my company brought it over to the U.S.) days and nights… and I just couldn’t make the time to update my blog. T_T

Anyway, I still wanted to do a how-to on something simple, so I was looking at my old bento, and decided to do this one. This is something I made for my only original bento “Farm bento.” It’s sooo easy and you don’t need too many ingredients, and with right tools, it’s even easier!

I made this bento a long time ago. The sheep are on the left side.

[How to make sheep rice ball]
– sticky rice (Any regular Japanese or Korean rice is “sticky rice”)
– ham (or cheddar cheese)
– seaweed
– *cheese
– *anything you want to put in the rice ball
— *hole punch


1. Make a rice ball. (you can put anything you want inside rice ball) Don’t hold the rice ball too tightly when you’re making it. It makes the sheep look fluffier that way.

2. Cut ham (or cheddar cheese) for the face part. I used a round bottle cap to cut the ham first, and cut the sides of the circle off. I also cut cheese in the same shape as the ham. It makes the ham to stand out a bit more, but this is optional.

3. Cut ham (and cheese if you like) for the ear parts.

4. Cut seaweed for the eyes. I used a hole punch to make a hole in the seaweed, then slide the punch a little bit and punched it again to make ” C ” shaped seaweed.

Punch a hole in the seaweed...

...then slide the punch a little bit...

...and punched it again...

Then you get " C " shaped seaweed. (and a circle)

Baa baa

Good thing about this sheep is that you can make them big or small. You can make one big one, or herd of small ones!

How to make sheep rice ball on my flickr

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

If you have any questions about any of my how-to’s, please feel free to leave a comment or email me!



1. ~Rachel~ - August 13, 2009

The sheep look so lovely.. thank for sharing..^_^

2. luby - August 13, 2009

le pecorelle!!!!
che meraviglia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anche io le vogliooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
complimenti alla fantasia!

3. Exodus - August 13, 2009

your sheep are soooooooooooo adorable! xD thank you for posting!

4. Wendy Leow - August 13, 2009


5. Ryoko - August 14, 2009

Very cute :3 I love it!

6. OlieN - August 15, 2009

You’re so genious!! I always spending hours just to read your blog. Even you can made a lot of cutie bento without expensive bento-stuff. So great!! Btw, sorry my english isn’t very good 🙂

7. astrorainfall - August 17, 2009

Wow…. you really are good with the little details. The eyes of the sheep are so awwwww cute…. well done!

8. fossettes - August 20, 2009

so cute!

9. Heidi - August 25, 2009

OK, I have loved looking at the cute little sheep for the last week and a half. I would however like to request a new post.

You see, you are in my daily rotation of awesome blogs to visit. I look forward to that time of day to see the very creative, cute, cool, quirky, original, edible artwork that you make. So, for purely selfish reasons, I say….


You are a bright spot to mine and many other people’s day. Please make a new post. 🙂

Sorry I don’t leave more comments…maybe you won’t want me to after this one…lol

AnnaTheRed - August 25, 2009

I know I’ve gotten busier and lazier! (Being busy when you’re already lazy is not a good thing…)
Sorry! >_<
I hope I can make a bento post this week!

10. veganf - August 27, 2009

Really cute. I’ll have to try the sheep this fall for the oldest who loves that sort of stuff in his lunches.

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