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bento sketch book #7 July 12, 2009

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It’s time for another bento sketch book!

Bento #46:  Totoro with cherry blossoms

The drawing wasn’t completely finished, but I like how this bento came out. I had a hard time filling the space in the middle part of bento, but it worked out fine in the end. Totoro inari-zushi was fun to make too.

Bento #47: Ano-niku bento

As you can see, I only finished the half of the sketch, I was too lazy to draw them. 😛 But instead, I wrote down a list of what I was going to make “ano-niku” with.

Bento #48: : Laputa robot with cherry blossom

Originally, I was going to put him lying straight in the bento box, but I realized that he was too long and I’d have to make him really small… So I changed to the angle of his body so his body would be the same size as the inari. I didn’t draw too many details for this one, but I did a detailed drawing of the fox-squirrel as reference on a different piece of paper.

Bento #49: Patapon

For this bento, I only drew one Patapon. I was going to make a more complicated monster, so I drew it, but I ended up making the easier monster. I drew a round shaped tree from the game in the sketch, but after putting Patapons, I ended up making trees with snowpeas.

Bento #50: Prinny
I didn’t trace it, but I basically copied the cover design of the Prinny game for this sketch. I drew many characters for this bento in the sketch, but I couldn’t even make the half of them. I really wanted to make the tomato head worm though.

For bigger versions of my sketches, just click on the image of the sketch or visit Bento Sketches! on my flickr page.

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


bento sketch book #6 May 26, 2009

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We still had tons of leftovers from Cracker Barrel, so no need to make bento. =/
Instead, here are some sketches!

Bento #41: Ryuk from Death Note

I mostly focused on Ryuk’s face, so not much is going on around him. As I mentioned, I did draw Shido and Rem in the background first, but erased them later. I usually don’t erase anything from my sketchbook even if I didn’t have the time to make it. But this time, it was too distracting, and I couldn’t draw Ryuk’s wings with them in the background.

Bento #42: Totoro Parade

Just like any other Totoro bento, this drawing was done in less than 5 minutes. I love drawing Totoro. It just makes me smile. 🙂 But I did look up for the logo for Studio Ghibli which appears in the beginning of every Studio Ghibli film as a reference. (The line drawing of Totoro in profile, with chibi-Totoro on his head)

Bento #43: Castle Crashers

This simple sketches of bunch of square heads in line took FOREVER to draw. I just couldn’t come up with a good composition for this, so I ended up making just the heads. I should’ve realized that the hole punch was much smaller than the eyes I drew for Castle Crashers. Then I wouldn’t have made the head so big, and the eyes would’ve been the perfect size. =/ And as you can see in the drawing, I was going to put bunch of animal orbs in this bento, but I was obviously delusional to plan such a thing. So instead of spending 3 more hours to make the animal orbs for this bento, I decided to make a bento just with animal orbs.

Bento #44: Animal Orbs

Whoops, seems like I didn’t paste the animal orb cutouts on this page… I’ll update the picture of my drawing later.

Bento #45: Pink Castle Crasher with Tom Fulp

I drew this Pink Castle Crasher after watching the video of someone playing the game, “Castle Crashing, the Beard.” Because I suck at the game and I kept dying before I got to Pink Castle Crasher. It turns out the most common Pink Castle Crasher doesn’t have a ” ❤ ” on his/her head. He/She’s just like a regular Castle Crasher, in pink, with ❤ on his/her chest. But I like my Pink Castle Crasher with a ” ❤ .”

For bigger pictures of my sketches, just click on the image of sketch or visit Bento Sketches! on my flickr page.

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

bento sketch book #5 May 14, 2009

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Before I go onto bento sketch book, I want to show off something…

I received a very rare Pink Castle Crasher from Luis from Newgrounds!

Came with bunch of weapons as well.

Came with bunch of weapons as well.

I think I wrote about how he was holding a contest “make an edible pink castle crasher!” at Newgrounds.com on my blog before, and he picked three winners! (Check out his site for the winners.)

Anyway, I sent the picture of my Pink Castle Crasher bento to Tom Fulp (one of the creators of Castle Crashers), but I wrote that since I wasn’t a member on Newgrounds.com to begin with, I felt that it’d be unfair to register for the site just to enter the contest, but I still wanted him to see it. Then we received an email, asking us if we want a Pink Castle Crasher anyway. We would’ve been insane to say no. There exists only 15 Pink Castle Crasher figures in the world! It just makes me happy when the original creator of something I created actually gets to see my creation, so for them offering me something so precious just blew me away. I do feel bad about those who entered the contest, trying to win this desperately, and thought about not putting the picture of it on my blog, but… come on! It looks so freaking awesome!

I’d like to thank Luis and Tom from Newgrounds and Dan from the Behemoth studio for being such cool creators of awesome games!

Now onto my bento sketch book…

Bento #36: Penny Arcade Robot

As you can see in the drawing, I wanted to put the kitty from the game… but I couldn’t. Also I had no idea what I was going to use for the bottom part. I just wrote down “broccoli.” But I happened to make teriyaki chicken the night before, so I decided to use it in the morning.

Bento #37: Headcrab from Half-life

I’m so embarrassed by this drawing. I just couldn’t draw Headcrabs. They all looked like turkeys. This was a very rare case that the actual bento ended up looking better than the drawing.

Bento #38: Payatan from Da Mahou Touge

I just drew Payatan and bunch of faces for each vegetable on the side. I didn’t like how Payatan’s face came out in the actual bento though… He doesn’t look like him. =/ I guess I’ll have to make Payatan with his serious face someday.

Bento #39: Mehazawa from Cromartie High

I was feeling ambitious when I drew this, thinking that I could put those two guys in the bunny and bear suit. I drew Mechazawa sitting in the desk, but I couldn’t think of anyway to do it, so I just made him standing up, but I had to cut off his legs… And for some reason, Mechazawa’s brother is floating in the air, which also has no feet. This is what happens if you don’t plan things in advance.

Bento #40: Braid

This is the drawing of FAIL. It took so long to draw this, and it took even longer to make food look like it. It was a disaster. As I wrote in the original post, I ran out of the time, so I didn’t make the main character’s head. But I didn’t want to waste the lower body part, so I just stuck it in there. I don’t even know what happened to the bunny…

For bigger pictures of my sketches, just click on the image of sketch or visit Bento Sketches! on my flickr page.

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.