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behemoth chicken! September 2, 2009

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My boyfriend has been coughing since we came back from Gen Con. No fever, no headache, just dry coughs. It went on for about a week or so. Just when he was getting better, I started to have the same dry cough. I’d wake up in the middle of night from coughing. It is absolutely annoying! I even lost my voice from coughing too much. So my co-worker told me to take a day off to get some rest, because guess what? I’m going to another convention! (Just me this time. My boyfriend will be staying home with my kitty.)

The convention I’m going to is called PAX. PAX is held by the creators of Penny Arcade guys in Seattle. (PAX is short for Penny Arcade Expo) It’s a pretty big video gaming convention, and this is the last convention for Alteil this year.

I know that the Behemoth studio (creator of Alien Homid and Castle Crashers) will be there. They gave me a super rare pink castle crasher figure last time I made bento of Castle Crashers, Animal Orbs and Pink Castle Crasher so I decided to make something for them, just as a token of gratitude for being so awesome.

Behold! The behemoth chicken!

Not sure if they’re able to take it with them, but if they can’t, I’ll just mail it to them.

Look at his cute beady eyes!

This is just a sneak preview, since I haven’t found right eyes for it. (I just used pins for now) Once I finish it, I’ll have my boyfriend take more pictures and post them on my flickr.

Check out his behemoth crown!

I just checked the Behemoth site, and I was pleasantly surprised that they just posted the squishy Behemoth chicken toy they’re making! Dammit. The squishy chicken looks much cooler than my stuffed one. Of course, I’m so getting one. 😉

He'll stomp you on with his behemoth feet!

Hopefully it’s not swine flue, but if I don’t get better by tomorrow, I’ll make sure to wear a mask or something on the airplane.

Watch out for the behemoth tail!

I’ll try to blog about PAX while I’m there!

How to make an egg chicken January 4, 2009

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Today’s how-to is something very basic you can make with a boiled egg.
It’s so easy that I don’t even know if I need to do a how-to on this, but this definitely is the simplest & easiest way to turn an ordinary egg into a cute chicken in under 3 minutes!

I made this for my very first kyaraben-ish bento, and Farm bento. But I made it even simpler so that you only need three ingredients.

[How to make a chicken with a boiled egg] (used in “Farm bento” )
– hard-boiled egg
– carrot
– seaweed (or black sesame seeds)
— hole punch

1. Slice a carrot and cut it into shapes like the picture.

These will be chicken's crown and beak (It's hard to see, but the crown's top has three V-shape incisions)

2. Make a small incision on top of the egg and front.

3. Insert the carrot on the top for its crown and in the front for its beak.

4. Using a hole punch, cut two circles out of seaweed, and put them on the egg.

This chicken is so ready to jump into your bento!

Sorry today’s how-to is not much of how-to, but I’m in the midst of apartment hunting, so my weekend is (and will be) pretty hectic! My ideal apartment? MORE COUNTER SPACE in the kitchen! 🙂

You can see more pictures of “How to make an egg chicken” on my flickr page.
And if you have any questions about any of my how-to’s, please feel free to leave a comment or email me!

bento#4 Kick in the Head November 18, 2008

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I didn’t think bento #4 could be called “kyaraben”, so I’m doing two bento today.

Bento #4: Dude (Kick in the Head)
Created and eaten on: 9/25/2008

more tasty pictures in here!