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sneak preview of non-bento #9 March 20, 2009

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I couldn’t blog last night because I was busy cooking an early Battlestar Galactica (a.k.a. BSG) themed feast!

Why a feast? For those who don’t know me, my boyfriend and I are huge BSG fans and BSG’s series final is tonight. Yes, it’s finally tonight!!! 2 hour episode from 9 pm eastern time. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I feel excited and worried.

I was getting antsy, so decided to practice preparing a big feast for the finale of BSG. Actually, I wanted to post them late last night or early this morning, so that people who were planning to have a BSG party tonight could add a BSG themed dish or two for their party. BUT I forgot to upload the images to flickr, and I’m at work now… (lunch break ^^)


I hope I can post them before the show airs tonight.

I don’t want to spoil surprises, but in case I don’t post them before the show, I’ll explain what I made. I made an “Eye of Jupiter rice cake”, and BSG dog tags potato/bacon finger snacks. (It’s too nerdy to explain what the “Eye of Jupiter” and “BSG dog tags” are so if you don’t know, google search it!)

For the “Eye of Jupiter” I made a cake out of rice using a cake mold (see “non-bento#6: real rice cake”). I sliced carrots in thin strips, microwaved it for a minute, and spread it for the orange circle. Then I chopped scallions and sprinkled it for the blue circle. I used a brown egg I had made for the center, but you can put pretty much anything in the center. If you have seaweed, you can cut it into thin strips and sprinkle to make the outline for each circle too.

For “BSG dog tags” I peeled and sliced potato about 1/4 inch thin. I carefully cut one slice of potato into a hexagon shape, and used that piece as a guide to cut the rest of the hexagon shapes. It’s very hard to cut each piece into a hexagon shape, but it’s SO MUCH EASIER to do if you have one perfect hexagon shape as a guide.

Make sure you keep the potatoes in water after you cut it. It’ll prevent discoloration. You can also cut potatoes in advances, and keep in a tupperware container with water overnight in the fridge until you cook it. (Save all scraps in water so you can eat cook them with bacon juice after you cook the dog tags, or just fry them) I then cut the bacon in pieces smaller than the hexagon shaped sliced potato, and cooked in a pan. When the bacon was cooked and crispy, I took out the bacon, and fried the hexagon shaped sliced potatoes in the bacon juice until they were brown.

When the potatoes were done, I took put them in a strainer to remove the excess oil, and sandwiched the bacon between two potato slices. You can sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper if you like. We ate them with fingers, but you can stick tooth picks through them if you’re worried about it falling apart.

Actually I have another BSG themed food to post, which I wasn’t too happy about… but I’ll post it anyway.
I think there’ll be multiple posts today. I apologize for geeking out, but I just can’t help it! 😛

Eye of Jupiter cake (made out of rice)
– rice
– beef soboro
– egg
– carrot
– scallion (or anything green)

BSG dog tag finger food
– potato
– bacon


1. Steff - March 20, 2009

oo I am sooo excited for BSG finale! and can’t wait to see your BSG themed feast! it sounds brilliant!!

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