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moving! June 30, 2009

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On top of all the events I’ve attended, my company is in the middle of moving!
We are moving to a building a couple of blocks from the current office building, but a move is a move. We had to get to work early and pack everything while working. I’m pretty wiped and my hands are dry, but here are some pictures I snapped while packing my stuff.

My company is a post-production company. We acquire and release Japanese anime and live action films in the U.S. I used to be a translation manager/subtitler, but I work for the online card game (which we’ve brought here from Japan) division in the company. Just like many post-production companies, our company is pretty laid back and casual. Almost every employee in our company has toys decorating their desks. A LOT of toys. And I have the second most toys in the office. 😀

My robot toys on my desk. I cannot work without my robots. These are just a few of them. I took a lot of Gundam toys from desk home a little while ago because I wasn’t sure how much space I’d have in the new office.

My robots and Teto (fox squirrel from Nausicaa)

My beloved Zakrello. Not that many Gundam fans in the U.S. know what this is. He showed up only once in TV series of Gundam (the original). But because of his outrageous appearance (he’s got a tattoo on his shoulder), he was hated by many fans at first, but then he got more popular later. I love him so. He sits right above my mouse.

My Christopher Walken. I cannot work without my Christopher Walken. I’m a HUGE fan of Christopher Walken. So my friend got me this Christopher Walken face cast in plaster/painted gold for my birthday last year. It’s life-sized of course. There’s a metal piece in the back so you can hang it on a wall, but I was afraid that it’d fall, so I had it on my desk, right next to my mouse.

My ramen. I cannot work without my… Okay, I’ll stop. I bought a fake ramen (for a restaurant display) in Japan, and decided to torture my co-workers by putting it on my desk. The ramen is made of wax and it’s about 2 inches thick. You can put it in any ramen bowl. It’s pretty cool. It was right next to my Christopher Walken on my desk.

Here is my keyboard. I love my keyboard no matter what everyone says. I’ve been using it for only 2 years or so, but because it’s so cheaply made most letters on the keys have peeled off. It also looks like the surface of each keys has been melted.
The delete key sticks, so you have to lightly tap it twice to delete/stop deleting.

Q, T, Y, P, J and a half of X. That's all I need.

The plastic piece to hold the enter key broke off, and the spring inside sticks out like this. This actually prevents the key from getting completely stuck.

This is art.

My co-workers have been trying to get me a new keyboard, because sometimes they have to check something on my machine, and they HATE my keyboard. 😛 What can I say, I hate wasting.

I didn’t take pictures, but I had another box stuffed with Gundam plushes, and a Nerf gun. 🙂
There are 5 of us in the room, and one of them is also a huuuge robot collector and she has tons of good robot toys. (Mine is mainly limited to Gundam, but she has variety of robot toys) It was funny that when we were packing, we’d find a fist or parts from a robot toy here and there on the floor. We’d be asking each other “Is this your Gundam fist? Or my Gundam fist?”

I can’t wait to decorate my new office with my toys!

the weather is wonderful in boston June 28, 2009

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Weekend in Boston – part 2

When we went to a local supermarket by my boyfriend’s sister’s house, we saw this.

Actually, the real Japanese eggplant is even wider than this, but it was still pretty funny.

My boyfriend is a Taiwanese-American, so when his family gets together, a huuuuge lunch at a Chinese restaurant is inevitable. So without further ado, I give you delicious yummies from Joyful Garden!

Vegetarian duck

Vegetarian duck

Jellyfish and duck feet Mmmmmm. It's all about the texture.

Peking duck in a very compromised position

Peking duck

Peking duck

Seafood soup

Buddha's delight

Fried tofu with minced shrimp

Pork lomein

Pork lo mein

Sauteed water spinach

Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce

Flounder with sauce

Flounder's eye... Yum

Fried crab

My boyfriend's fortune. Well, it wasn't exactly a fortune, but the weather was indeed wonderful that day.

wedding and sweets in boston June 27, 2009

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Weekend in Boston – part 1

My boyfriend and I are in Boston right now. We came up here for his cousin’s wedding. The wedding was very lovely. It was at a botanical garden, and we were surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers and plants. I’ll post what I got to eat at the wedding. The hors d’oeuvres were very delicious!

As I wrote this post, I remembered why I thought I wouldn’t be a good food blogger. I can’t remember the name of foods I eat. And usually all I can say about food is “yummy”,  “meh” or “yuck.” So please don’t think of this post as a “food blog.” It’s more like a food album for good food I ate. 😛

Artichoke parmesan dip

Mushroom stuffed with some kind of cheese

Chicken, apricot and something on puffy pastry

Chicken inside

They forgot to put my last name on my name card. I felt like a first-name-only celebrity.

The following morning, we went to a bakery to get breakfast. But we ended up coming home with cupcakes and a cinnamon roll.
We just couldn’t resist.  We  bought Boston cream pie (in the shape of cupcake!), a cream cheese brownie (in the shape of cupcake!), and a cinnamon bun. When we were at the store, everything looked so good that I asked them if I could take pictures of them. A girl who works there was a bit surprised by my request, and said “Um, okay… They look good enough to take pictures, I guess…?” It’s a small town bakery, so she must have thought that I was a weirdo. They seem pretty famous in the area though.

Boston cream pie Its Boston cream cupcake! Genious!

"Boston cream pie" It's Boston cream cupcake! Genius!

I don't know how we managed to pick just three from this deliciousness.

"Pecan sticky buns" This is what 6 pieces of pecan sticky buns look like when it's freshly out from the oven!

"Brioche cinnamon bun" Look at the frosting!

Bread & Chocolate
(Their website has recipes with video!)
108 Madison Avenue , Newtonville, MA, 02460