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How to make mini-totoro November 23, 2008

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Now you can make your own mini-Totoro!
I’m using quail eggs because they sell quail eggs at local supermarkets by where I live. They are about the price of normal egg, so some people might find it expensive. But quail eggs are very good for bento, and I always have them in my fridge. But if you can’t find it, you can use a normal size egg.

[How to make Mini-Totoro]
– quail egg
– kamaboko
– sesame seed or seaweed

1. Boil an quail egg, and peel it.

2. Make a ” V ” incision on the pointy part of an egg.

3. Slice kamaboko, and using a small plastic cap to cut out its eye.

4. Put sesame seed on top of kamaboko, and place them on the egg.
4. Using a hole punch, cut out two seaweed circle pieces, and put seaweed on kamaboko.

5. Put kamaboko on quail egg.

I collect plastic caps now. Any plastic containers I use/can find, I’ll keep the caps. So it’s hard to tell you exactly which “cap” to use… (For mini-Totoro’s eyes, I used the safety cap for insulin syringe which I use for my cat) But I don’t think the size really matters, especially when making the characters from Ghibli films.
I guarantee you that people will go “awwwwww” looking at these little creatures even though they don’t know what they are. 😛

You can also check out more “how-to’s” on my blog and my flickr.


1. alafista - December 23, 2008

Oh wow these are so cute. I shall try them out soon.

2. Erika - December 30, 2008

Wow you are sooo talented!

3. rene - February 22, 2009

Really cute! How do you get the fish cake eyes to stay on the quail egg? Does it just stick or do you use something to make it stick?

4. MuffinQueenx3 - April 13, 2009

Hmm….maybe these kind of foods are at my thai store. >.>

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