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bento #60: domo-kun August 4, 2009

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I was going to do a how-to on this and did a photo shoot on Sunday night, but it was getting late, and I was very sleepy & sloppy…
The croquettes didn’t look very good in the photos, so I decided to re-shoot some stuff again. I’ll post a how-to sometimes this week. But since I had already made them, I decided to use them for a quick regular-ish bento.

Bento #60: Domo-kun
Created and eaten on: 8/3/2009

I didn’t wake up early this day, and I was just going to put together a regular bento with a couple of Domo-kun croquettes. But the Domo-kuns were staring at me with their beady eyes, and I couldn’t resist but to make a little effort to make it look a bit nicer than a regular bento. (but not as complicated as a kyaraben)

First I put rice on the bento box.

YES, this is how much rice my boyfriend usually eats. His regular bento, like this one, might have a little more rice than a kyaraben (because a kyaraben has more non-rice food than a regular bento), but not by much. It may not look like the kyaraben I make has that much rice, but because the rice is usually molded in my kyaraben, it look like there’s a lot less rice than my regular bento. We both LOOOVE rice and eat a lot of it.

After I put rice, I put sauteed renkon (lotus root) on the side next to rice. I asked how many Domo-kun he wanted, and he said three, so I put three Domo-kuns next to the rice.

Looking a bit too crowded. Kind of like a Japanese train at rush hour.

Of course, there weren’t enough veggies, so I boiled broccoli, sprinkled salt on it and stuffed it around a Domo-kun. To brighten up the bento I added two cherry tomatoes with corns.

Rice kept falling onto Domo-kun, so I cut snowpeas with a diamond shaped cutter, and stuck them between the rice and Domo-kuns. I threw some frozen cut out carrot from the freezer (see “how to freeze carrot flowers”) to add more color.

But the rice was still more than half of the bento box… So I sprinkled black sesame seeds on top. It may look weird, but black sesame seed and a little bit of salt on rice is very common seasoning (?) for rice in Japan.

This is an amazingly half-assed bento. It probably took 30 minutes or so. Not sure this is considered a kyaraben, but since Domo-kun is a character, I thought “Oh, why not?” If I had more time, I definitely would’ve done something to the rice though. Not as exciting as my usual kyaraben, but just three Domo-kuns were cute enough to brighten up the bento.

– potato and beef croquette
– red pepper with cheese for the mouth
– cheese and seaweed for the eyes

Other food:
– rice with black sesame seed
– broccoli
– cherry tomato stuffed with corns
– renkon
– snowpeas

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

non-bento #18: rabbid sandwich August 1, 2009

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My boyfriend eats a snack before he leaves for his kung fu class on Saturday, so I decided to make this.

Non-bento #18: Rabbid sandwich
Created and eaten on: 8/1/2009

I used the cutter I made for Rabbid bento and Rabbid cookies to cut out bread. I cut ham and cheese with the same cutter.

I also cut cheese for his teeth and eyes.



I wanted to make more, but I only had two slices of bread.

It took probably about 5 minutes to make this sandwich. It’s easy and super quick character snack! (charack?) Maybe I should make more cutters. 🙂

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

bento #59: meta knight July 30, 2009

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I finally decided to make this after making two Kirbys in a row.

Bento #59: Meta Knight
Created and eaten on 7/29/2009

Meta Knight is from the Kirby anime / game series. I don’t actually watch the Kirby anime, but I have Super Smash Bros. Brawl (a Wii game), and I like Meta Knight. Hardcore SSBB players, don’t call me a cheese now. I suck at SSBB and I still like playing it, so give me some slack. I like him because he’s Meta Knight! I think one of the reasons is that he looks like an MS from Gundam. 😛 Also he has no mouth which I find it very cute. Anyway, Meta Knight from the Kirby anime show has way too much blue, so I decided to make the one from SSBB.

First I put sauteed renkon (lotus root) I had prepared the night before on the bento box. For meat, I put asparagus in boiling water for a couple of minutes, took them out and wrapped them with bacon and cooked it on a pan. Then I cut each of them in half and put it at the bottom of the bento box in a line. It’d be too much bacon if I filled the entire bottom part with just asparagus & bacon, so I decided to put some veggies. I cut the tip of a cherry tomato in four different directions, making 8 petals. Then I opened it up, stuffed it with loose kernels of corn, and placed them between the asparagus & bacon.

You can stuff cherry tomato with green peas, edamame, mixed vegetables, etc...

For Meta Knight, I made a rice ball with plastic wrap, and put some seasoned seaweed inside. Meta Knight is dark blue with a gray mask, so I put ground black sesame seeds around the bottom half on the side of rice ball for the blue part.

You could see that I didnt put enough black sesame seeds...

You could see that I didn't put enough black sesame seeds...

For the mask I mixed plain rice with a little bit of ground black sesame seed molded it with plastic wrap. (I didn’t put the mask on the face yet.)

For the shoulders I made small rice balls, and wrapped them with seaweed. For his hands I made plain small rice balls, and put them under each shoulder.

It doesnt look like hand and shoulder at all up close...

It doesn't look like hand and shoulder at all up close...

I boiled broccoli and sprinkled a bit of salt and put it above the asparagus & bacon. Since the renkon was brown, I was worried that the yellow/orange sword would not stand out. So I boiled and cut snowpeas with a diamond shaped cutter and put it on the background next to Meta Knight. I cut cheese into the shape of his sword and put it on the snowpeas. I used a straw to cut out a small round shape from tomato and put it on the hilt.

The sword is made with two layers of cheese.

Originally, I was going to use seaweed to make his cape (which also can turn into wings). But I was looked at the red cabbage (purple cabbage), and realized that the cabbage leaves looked a lot like his wings. So I changed my plan and decided to make his wings with red cabbage. I cut the cabbage leaf into the shape of the wing, put it in a bowl with water and vinegar (vinegar seasons it and preserves its color) and microwaved it. I put them beneath his shoulders and hands. I was pretty surprised how good they looked.

The lines on the cabbage leaf was perfect for his wing!

Finally, I made an opening on the mask with a butter knife. Then I put seaweed on the back side of the mask, cut cheese for his eyes and put them on the seaweed on the front side of the mask. For the line on the middle of the mask and sword I cut out seaweed.

"Meta Knight!"

I was thinking about making his feet with dyed quail eggs, but after I boiled quail eggs I realized that they were too small for his feet. So to make the feet I just made a small rice ball, wrapped with seaweed and put red cabbage on the rice ball.

Originally, I wanted to put a small Kirby in the bento, but I ran out of space so I just put in a star shaped carrot I had frozen previously.

No sace for Kirby. =<

I guess this bento was more for me than for my boyfriend… but he still liked it! 🙂

Meta Knight:
– rice with seasoned seaweed inside and black sesame seed on the outside for the main body
– seaweed, cheese, and rice mixed with black sesame seed for the mask
– rice and seaweed for his shoulders and hands
– red cabbage for his wings
– cheese and tomato skin for his sword

Other food:
– renkon
– asparagus wrapped with bacon
– tomato and corn
– snowpeas
– carrot

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.