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bento#54 super mario galaxy bento June 13, 2009

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We beat this game long time ago, but we still haven’t found all stars yet, so we’ve been playing it recently.

Bento #54: Super Mario Galaxy bento
Created and eaten on: 6/10/2009

Super Mario Galaxy is a Wii game. It’s pretty fun just like any other Mario game. The cool thing about this game is that Mario is in space, and each planet has a very unique platform. There are tons of gravitation manipulation and moving platforms and black holes. The game is for single player only, but the second player can help the first player by collecting “star bits” or immobilizing enemies. Since I’m not good at games like this, my boyfriend plays the first player, and I play the second player collecting starbits and helping him.
There are soooo many characters in this game, but one the characters my boyfriend finds it annoying is the bunny. On the bunny stages, you are usually asked to catch hopping bunnies in a limited amount of time. The bunnies themselves are adorable, but they are pretty hard to catch. When we were playing this game the other day, we got to a bunny state, and my boyfriend said “They are jerks!” which I found it hilarious, because they are so cute!
My favorite character of this game is the “Hungry Luma.” He’s a pinkish floating blob who’s always hungry for star bits. If you feed him sta rbits, he’ll give you a planet to explore. When you feed star bits to the Luma, you have to point the Wii remote, and shoots star bits into his mouth. When you stop before he gets full, he wiggles his body and begs “MORE! MORE!” I just love watching him do that. 😀 So that’s why I decided to make these two specific characters out of hundreds of Super Mario Galaxy.

First I put sauteed renkon at the bottom of the bento box. I mixed some rice with black sesame seed and salt, and molded into an 1/4 of a planet. I wanted to put the meatballs I had made the night before, so I buried some meatballs in the rice planet, to make it look like the ground. But of course, that wasn’t enough meat for him, so I put some between the planet and the edge of the bento box, so it’d be underneath the bunny.

I boiled broccoli and put it on the rice planet and sprinkled sesame seeds over it. I also sliced the stem of the broccoli, and made a pipe and put it in the background. I made flowers with carrots (see “how to make vegetable flowers”), and made flower beds.  I also made the hiding bunny’s ears with kamaboko, and stuck them in the broccoli.

I made the bunny’s head and body with rice using a plastic sheet, and put it over the meatballs. I thought of making the bunny’s ears with kamaboko (fish cake), but I was worried that it’d be too floppy since it was a pretty big piece. So I decided to use daikon (Asian radish) instead. I sliced the daikon thin and cut it into the shape of the ears. For the yellow part for the ears I took out the egg sheet which I had frozen and cut it. I put the egg on the daikon, and stuck them on the head.

His mouth looks like mustache...

For the Luma, I mixed rice with shiso (perilla) leaf furikake (it’s purplish colored seasoning powder) and molded it into the shape of Luma with a plastic sheet. For his mouth I made a hole with a finger, and cut out seaweed for his eyes. I made the star sticks with daikon and cheese cut out with a star shaped cutter. I wanted to put colorful star bits in his mouth, but I was running out of time, so I just used fake sausage (fish cake) for the star bits in his mouth.

He was supposed to be more pinkish purple...

I still thought there weren’t enough meatballs in the bento, so I put sesame seeds on a meatball to make a planet in distance. To create a small Goomba I cut a meatball in half, and made eyes with kamaboko and black sesame seeds. Even though I had just thought of making Goomba with meatball that morning, I thought it came out okay. I had to use a smaller meatball so he’d fit, but I’d totally make him again with bigger a meatball.

After I was almost done, I thought that broccoli’s green was a little overwhelming, so I added edamame and snow peas. And I made a star from the game by cutting out cheese with the same cutter and put seaweed eyes on it.

To make the star shaped teleporter I cut out carrot with a star shaped cookie cutter and cut the inside out. finally, I cut kamaboko and seaweed for the bunny’s eyes, and put a tiny bit of mayonnaise for the sparkles in his eyes. Then I cut the pink part of kamaboko for his nose, and seaweed and the white part of kamaboko for his mouth.

After my boyfriend finished taking the pictures, I realized that I had forgotten to put arms on the bunny… T_T Also, it’s hard to tell that the rice part is supposed to be a planet. Oh well.

We were playing Super Mario Galaxy again the other night. I was helping him collecting star bits, but then we got to a water slide stage, so it was just him trying to get to the goal, and I really couldn’t do anything to help him on this stage. It was taking a really long time, and apparently I fell asleep on his lap while he was playing.
The next morning, he told me that while he was playing the game with my head on his lap, he accidentally whacked my head with the Wii remote pretty hard while trying to throw a koopa shell during a boss battle. What did I do? I just slept through it. 😀  I didn’t even know I was such a deep sleeper.

– rice, seaweed, kamaboko and mayonnaise
– daikon and egg sheet for his ears

Hungry Luma:
– rice mixed with shiso furikake, seaweed
– daikon and cheese for the star sticks
– fake sausage for the starbits

– meatball, kamaboko, seaweed and black sesame seed

– broccoli stem

– rice, black sesame seed, broccoli, carrot, and meat ball

Teleporting sar:
– carrot

Mario star:
– cheese and seaweed

Other food:
– renkon

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. WitchBaby - June 14, 2009

Wow – I keep saying it, but there isn’t any other words to describe it. You are absolutely one of the most talented people I have ever encountered.

2. Lyvvie - June 14, 2009

I’ll have to copy this one once I get my bento gear back. Awesome job!

3. yoiang - June 15, 2009

aww I was hoping you figured a way to suspend the planets and stars in the air above the box 😉

I love the details

4. Hexi - June 16, 2009

I love Mario Galaxy! i haven’t beaten it yet as i only got it fairly recently but this is too cute!

maybe you could have used beetroot or something to make the luma pinker? just mix the rice with a little beetroot juice maybe? (i know you don’t like to use food colouring)

5. Candace Fong - June 26, 2009

wow wow wow!
I absolutely love your blog thanks for sharing. Bento is so creative!

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