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bento sketch book #7 July 12, 2009

Posted by AnnaTheRed in bento blog (all), bento blog - sketch.

It’s time for another bento sketch book!

Bento #46:  Totoro with cherry blossoms

The drawing wasn’t completely finished, but I like how this bento came out. I had a hard time filling the space in the middle part of bento, but it worked out fine in the end. Totoro inari-zushi was fun to make too.

Bento #47: Ano-niku bento

As you can see, I only finished the half of the sketch, I was too lazy to draw them. 😛 But instead, I wrote down a list of what I was going to make “ano-niku” with.

Bento #48: : Laputa robot with cherry blossom

Originally, I was going to put him lying straight in the bento box, but I realized that he was too long and I’d have to make him really small… So I changed to the angle of his body so his body would be the same size as the inari. I didn’t draw too many details for this one, but I did a detailed drawing of the fox-squirrel as reference on a different piece of paper.

Bento #49: Patapon

For this bento, I only drew one Patapon. I was going to make a more complicated monster, so I drew it, but I ended up making the easier monster. I drew a round shaped tree from the game in the sketch, but after putting Patapons, I ended up making trees with snowpeas.

Bento #50: Prinny
I didn’t trace it, but I basically copied the cover design of the Prinny game for this sketch. I drew many characters for this bento in the sketch, but I couldn’t even make the half of them. I really wanted to make the tomato head worm though.

For bigger versions of my sketches, just click on the image of the sketch or visit Bento Sketches! on my flickr page.

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.


1. fossettes - July 14, 2009

You are an amazing food artist, congratulations!

2. Annabelle Chai - July 15, 2009

Anna you’re really really talented and your Totoro bento really amaze me. Me and my elder sister have been a big fans of Totoro since we’re a kid and thank you so much for creating the Totoro bento 🙂 Thanks again for sharing on how to do Kyaraben. I like your way of making Kyraraben very much! It’s easy and do not require buying a lot of moulds and cutters which is very economic for amateur like me.
Keep it on!

God bless

3. mousie - July 21, 2009

I love love looove the Prinny bento!
All of them are amazing though- you’re really talented!!

4. Junior - July 28, 2009

I absolutely love the cat bus from Totoro lol… I know I comment a lot about Totoro but I can’t get over how great of a movie that is, especially for it’s time. The whole american anime craze didn’t really take off till the mid nineties, right? Or am I just too young to remember anime popular here before pokemon and sailor moon.. hmm.

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