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How to make sausage flowers November 30, 2008

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I’ve done “how to make a sunflower” before, but today I’ll do how to make generic flowers. These flowers are less-complicated than sunflowers, and you just need one ingredient.

[How to make sausage flower]
– sausage

[Sausage flower #1]
1. Cut a sausage.
2. Make incisions in the shape of asterisk. (star shape)

3. Boil the sausage, and done!

[Sausage flower #2]
1. Cut a sausage.
2. Push a straw in the center of a sausage.

3. Make incisions around the straw line.

4. Boil the sausage, and done!

[Sausage flower #3]
1. Cut a sausage.
2. Make V-shape incisions to the center, and all around the sausage.

3. Boil the sausage, and done!

[Sausage flower #4]
1. Cut a sausage.
2. Make incisions vertically and horizontally on the cut surface.

3. Boil the sausage, and done! *This was used for the center part for sunflower, but you can just use this as a decoration.

If you have corn or green peas, you can put them in the center. Actually, frozen veggies are easier to work with for this. These sausage flowers might not look that impressive just by themselves, but you can put them to fill empty spaces in a bento box like Piggy & GIR, Happy Bee & GIR, and Makkurokurosuke bento, or use several of them in a row like Ohmu bento or the Path to Totoro Forest bento to create ground-like look.  (The color of the sausage in the bento I listed is brighter & pinkier than real sausage, because I those are fake/fish cake sausages.)

Let the sausage flowers bloom in your bento!

Sausage flowers with corn

You can also check out more “how-to’s” on my blog and my flickr.


1. Caroline - April 11, 2009

I am absolutely in LOVE with your blog, Anna! Thank you sooooooooooo very much for sharing your secrets and tricks of the trade! Your blog is a valuable find for me, and I’ve added it in my bookmarks. Thank you for being so inspiring and just all-around awesome! 🙂

2. vivien teo - May 4, 2009

u really is my bento idol…i am a new mummy start doing bento for my little princess…your idea is my great teacher..thanks..and gambateh!!!!!

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